Pasta Primavera

Did you know?

A plant-based whole food diet outperforms a low carbohydrate diet in improving diabetes control, cholesterol, and weight?

Try Pasta Primavera this week.  Be sure to use a whole grain pasta, or better yet, try a lentil, chick pea or bean pasta!

Pasta Primavera

Modified from Jeff Novick’s Fast Food Video: The Basics

Serves: 6-8

Prep time: about 10 minutes

Cook time: about 10 minutes



·      1-14 oz can low / no sodium whole tomatoes and 14 oz can low / no sodium tomato puree

o   or 2-14 oz cans of no / low sodium diced tomatoes

·      2-14 oz cans no / low sodium dark red kidney beans, rinsed

·      2 lbs frozen veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (California Blend )

·      1-12 oz package of frozen chopped onions

·      1-12 oz package of frozen greens, use ½ package or chop 4 cups precooked fresh collards, kale or spinach or can of spinach

·      1 lb Whole Grain Pasta, penne pasta works great (or try a lentil, chickpea or bean pasta!)

·      Italian no salt spice mix (~Mrs. Dash)

·      Garlic powder (not garlic salt)

o   Or mince a couple cloves of fresh garlic

·      Basil  and parsley to taste



·      Cook Pasta according to package instructions in one pot.  You want it “al dente”, a bit chewy, not mushy!

·      While pasta is cooking, put all other ingredients into a second large pot and heat.

·      When pasta is done, rinse, and them mix together with the tomato vegetable mix.

Notes: You don’t have to use frozen vegetable packages.  They do save time, though and cost about the same as fresh.  If use fresh allow more prep and cook time.  The whole purpose of the frozen pre-chopped veggies is to provide a great healthy supper in less than 30 minutes that is easy to prepare and does not cost too much.

 See the Healthy Recipes and Shopping Guide for details!

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