Know Your 4 for More!

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Do You Know your 

4 for More!

4 for More 


Life and Health!


Print a 4 for More! Summary

Know your own 4 for More Biometric Number Goals!

  • BMI less than 30 
    • (Less then 25 is better yet!)
  • Blood Pressure less than 120/80 
    • (Ideal is less than 110/70!)
  • HbA1c less than 5.7%
  • Cholesterol
    • Total Cholesterol less than 200 
      • (less than 180 is better!)
    • LDL less than 100 
      • (less than 70 is best!)


Know Your LiveMemorialWell 4 for More Healthy Practices!

  • Tobacco:  Zero!

  • Watch the Weight! BMI below 30

  • Be Physically Active! 30 x 5 or 10,000
    • 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week, or
    • 10,000 steps a day

  • Eat Green! 5-2-1 and Almost None
    • Eat “Green” from our Traffic Light brochure
      • Fruits and vegetable: 5 servings a day
      • Whole grains: 2 servings a day
      • Legumes (beans, peas, lentils): 1 cup a day

    • Almost None
      • Added salt, sugar, fats and oils
      • Processed food, red meats and high fat dairy


Remember your LiveMemorialWell 4 for More!



•30 x 5 or 10,000

•5-2-1 and almost none


Along with Your 4 for More, we also recommend:

·      Stress management techniques daily and as needed.

·      Sleep ~7½ hours a night.

·      Avoid caffeine after 2 PM (or for about 8 hours before going to bed).  Cut back if you are anxious or jittery!

·      Minimize or eliminate alcohol (none at bedtime). Partake for celebrations only; never use to self medicate or when sad!

·      Build loving relationships! (volunteer, attend church, etc.)

·      Do this with a buddy!

For step by step application of these principles, work through the modules on your own, or join us at

Fresh Start Live!

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To learn how to make quick, healthy and inexpensive meals, we recommend Jeff Novick’s Fast Food videos. You can check these out from many libraries.  He also has several YouTube videos that cover some of the material.

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