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Welcome to a Fresh Start!  

We want to help you find a new, fresh, healthy lifestyle that can prevent, arrest, and even reverse many chronic lifestyle related diseases!

Our website is set up with a series of modules that you can view on your own, at your own pace, or use in conjunction while participating in one of our Fresh Start Live! programs.    

This entire site is frequently being updated with new material and is intended for my patients and anyone else to use as they see fit!  

  • You can use it personally.
  • You can use it with your family or with groups of people.

This site is also intended for my medical students and other medical professionals who are designing their own program.  Feel free to use it as it is, to use it as a starting point or reference to design your own program.

Here is how it works:

The web site has several tabs on the top address bar that will give you an overview of Fresh Start!

-Welcome to Fresh Start!- an introduction to lifestyle medicine and Fresh Start!

-Know Your 4 for More!a brief summary of the Fresh Start! prescription for health.

-Take a Tour!- how to use the website.

-Learn the Basics!our core modules.

  • These are generally beneficial for all chronic lifestyle related diseases. 
  • We recommend you do the first 4 core modules in sequence, beginning with Get Ready!, Get Set!….   Then you can jump around as you wish.

-Learn More!supplemental modules cover disease specific material.

-Try a New Recipe!- our featured recipes, and resources for more.

-Fresh Start! Live- our live classes and appointments.

For each Learn the Basics module, as you scroll down the page, you will find the following sections:

In the left sidebar:

Learning Resources

To Print

-Goals for the module which you can print, or have a notebook ready to write them down. 

-Other worksheets for the module.

For Reference

-PowerPoint Slides for the module.

-Resources for the module.

Featured Recipe

-Featured recipe for the module and other recipe resources.

Other Resources

-Additional resources that might interest you.

In the main window:

The Basics

Work down the page through the videos and links.  This is material we present in classes and appointments.

Watch, Read and Do! (Homework)

This will be additional material to build on the The Basics, and is considered “homework”, if you have the time.

Expand Your Understanding!

These are additional optional activities that are recommended to help enhance your understanding of this lesson if time and interest allows.


Frequently Asked Questions

Another web site www.TheLifestyleDoc.us has additional information arranged in a topical form to answer questions that frequently arise.


Please give us your anonymous feedback on what you think of our website!


If you have any questions, please contact us!

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