Be Physically Fit!

What is the best exercise?

It is the one you will do!

Check out the options below!

The Basics

Print the goals for this module (to the left), or have a notebook ready to write them down.

*Almost EVERYONE can do some type of physicial activity!  

*If you do a good amount of physicial activity as your a job (like farming!) you may not need “exercise”.  

*Most of us sit too much and need to “program” exercise into our daily routine.

*Below are some ideas!  Find the ones that work for you and Get Moving!

This first video is the complete session recorded live from our virtual class on April 13, 2021. 

The subsequent videos were specifically recorded and edited, covering the same material.  Take your pick on what works best for you!

Flexibility & Stretching

See Below for More Options!


Strengthening & Resistance Training

Aerobic / Endurance (Cardiovascular) Exercise

Featured Recipe for this Session

Vegetable Soup

Watch, Read and Do! (Homework)

What you eat is important!

Expand Your Understanding!

Flexibiity & Stretching


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