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Not all of the following recipes may fit the plant-based whole food paradigm!  

Please be selective, avoiding or minimizing added sugar, salt, oils, dairy, other animal products and processed foods!

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For a great way to make quick, inexpensive healthy meals, check out:

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For a 21-Day Menu Plan from PCRM, try:

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Aleady have great recipes that you want to modify?   Use the PCRM’s Ingredient Substitution Chart  to modify the recipe.  Also check out Forks over Knives Substitutes and Alternatives article.

You can make your own date paste sweetener, which contains fiber and other healthy phytonutrients:

Raw Staple Sweetener: Date paste

Epicurios Date Paste

Green Thickies Date Paste

Martha Stewart Date Paste 

Remember all “vegan" recipes may not be healthy, even though they are plant-based! (i.e. French Fries!). 

We encourage whole food plant-based recipes!  

Leave out the added processed sugars, fats and preservatives, no matter what the source!  

Instead of sugar, try dates or date paste, a little honey (unless you are “strict vegan”, since honey is from bees) or a small amount of maple syrup.  

Avoid or minimize corn syrup, cane sugar, agave, etc.

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